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The Empowerment Encounter

Please watch as Dr. Jamal Bryant speaks to Bishop Yelverton about “Sex and the Kingdom”

Sexual Healing

Join Bishop Yelverton as he gives a “prescription for sexual healing.” This message speaks to couples and singles in helping to point the hearer toward a holistic sexual lifestyle that is biblical and pleases God. Marvin Gaye sings about it, but is that God’s directive? Tune in to find out!

Dysfunction At The Junction

Dysfunctional behavior, or behavior not prescribed by God, has an original starting point. In confronting the highly controversial subject matter of “born this way,” vs. “learned behavior,” Bishop Yelverton dives into the scriptures to bring the hearer into balance pertaining to human behavior. This snippet is sure to bless you!

The Ties That Bind

The binding power of sex, and all of the particulars attached to it, is a matter that very few realize when it comes to sex. We are blinded to the potential dangers because we get caught up in the emotional feelings of the actual sexual act. Join Bishop Yelverton as he deals with STD’s – [...]

I’m Sexy And I Know It

In this second message of the “Sex and the Kingdom” Series, Bishop Yelverton explores the dynamic of sex. Although God created mankind as sexual beings, Bishop Yelverton puts human sexuality in it’s proper biblical context. Just because we are sexual, does not mean we have the liberty to indulge in sexual activity. Hear the Word [...]

Good Sex

The first message from the “Sex And The Kingdom” Series was entitled “Good Sex.” From the Genesis account of creation, Bishop Yelverton explores, dissects and explains God’s original intention for sex. It’s sure to open our understanding.