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It is with much enthusiasm that I endorse and recommend "Sex and the Kingdom" as a book needed to bring a healthy understanding of human sexuality in an hour that is increasingly carnal, Godless, decadent and immoral. Bishop Yelverton lays out for us a Godly perspective of sexuality, which indeed is a subject that many churches and individuals within the Body of Christ will not approach. In this book, he has remained true to his Pentecostal Holiness roots, as well as his theological training. It is a must read for all students and scholars who are serious about the Word of God and the future of the Lord's Church. Indeed it appears that we are loosing the battle for what is moral and decent, and these kinds of writings are necessary for us to indeed hold the banner high for holiness and that the Bible is still our rule of faith and practice.

Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr., D.Min.
The Cathedral International
Perth Amboy, New Jersey

Much debate is taking place in sanctuaries across the nation about same sex marriages and regrettably the discussion ends there. Bishop Yelverton has pushed the envelope and the dialogue over the cliff with no parachute. Sex and the Kingdom should not just be read by every believer but debated, meditated and taught. The celibate to the promiscuous will be captivated by every page.

Pastor Jamal H. Bryant
Empowerment Temple AME Church
Baltimore, Maryland

Finally a "godly man" writes about human sexuality from a "godly perspective.” The church is all too often silent on this most powerful issue. Go ahead...pick this book up and when you do, read it, embrace it...share it!

Dr. Wanda Turner
Author, Minister, Counselor